Opportunity School  The purpose of Opportunity School is to
provide a developmentally appropriate
preschool for 2, 3, 4, and 5
year old children
so that they can expand their world with a variety of
materials and experiences and to foster positive relationships with our
children and adults outside the immediate family in a safe and loving
environment.  We provide services for Ottawa and the surrounding

Our Mission  The mission of Ottawa Opportunity School is to serve
children and families in our community by providing a high quality,
affordable early childhood education program and by establishing a
working partnership between family and school.

Our  program provides an early childhood educational experience to
children with a need; especially children who would not otherwise have
the opportunity for preschool experiences.  The school will attempt to
serve at least one scholarship student to each paying student without
regard to sex, race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin.

Ottawa Opportunity School shall be regarded as part of the mission
program of the First Presbyterian Church of Ottawa and its outreach
Ottawa Opportunity School
114 East Jefferson Street   Ottawa, Illinois 61350    815-433-2731
Celebrating Over 40 Years of Caring!

Penny Besenhar, President
Nancy Carter, Vice President
Dr. Don Morehead, Treasurer
Dave McClure
Rich Myers
Jane Goetz
Carol Pearse
Lisa Smithmeyer
Amy Torres
Lesley LaRock

DIRECTOR Leslie Stohr
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Our Partners in Education

One of the goals of Opportunity School
is to admit one student on scholarship
for every student who pays tuition.  This
is made possible by the generous
efforts of individual donors and the
support of:

United Way of Eastern LaSalle County

Ottawa Elementary School District #141

Ottawa Child Welfare Guild

1st Presbyterian Church of Ottawa, Illinois

District 6420 Rotary International

Starved Rock Reading Council

Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley

Starved Rock Yacht Club

Ottawa Sunrise Rotary Club

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